The Sports Club was formed on 24 February 1936, but its origins date back to a ”Staff Club” formed on Wednesday, 12 December 1928.

One of its functions was co-ordinating sports activities.  Increased membership and demand led to the founding of a general Sports Club, as we know it today.
There are three interdepartmental sports: soccer, cricket and darts.  Soccer is played during lunch times and cricket and darts after work.

Any member wishing to use the sports fields may not do so without having obtained prior permission from the Sports Club.  Kindly contact David Owen 021 509 5589.

We have an annual Sports Awards evening.  This is a special feature of our club as we award trophies to individuals and sections that show the range of top class sportsmen and sportswomen that are in the Club, who continue to achieve at high levels.

Old Mutual Sports Club

        -           To be a first class indoor and outdoor sports club providing
                    facilities of International Standard for it’s members.
        -         The vision of the OMSC is four-fold:
       -          to continuously provide sporting facilities and services of
                        international standard to all its members.
  -         to promote the development of all sport within local
            community at grass roots level.
  -         to ensure that the Sports Club remains financially sustainable.
  -         to attract new members and develop individuals to achieve at

                  the highest level.


Name / Position


Eddie Scott


Gordon Anthony



David Owen



Charles Milne

Treasurer/Liaison Officer


Jed Brand



Cheryl Bradley


Graham McGuire



Rochelle Harwin




Elmarie Van Zyl

OM Representative
































The Old Mutual Sports Club - What sports do we offer?

Inter-Departmental Sports:

Cricket - After work (Monday)

Darts - After work

Soccer - lunch time

Athletics, Cricket  - Men's & Ladies, Golf, Hockey, Squash, Soccer, Sub-Aqua, Softball, Tennis

Why join!

There are a number of reasons for joining the Old Mutual Sports Club including keeping you fit and healthy.  You also have the chance to meet people and socialise.

You can also get useful pointers from your new partner/s to improve your game.  You can involve your family, friends and perhaps teach the kids the ropes to some of your favourite sports.


If you have a keen interest in cycling or chess or would like to find out more about the sports, please contact Charmain Jones on x95589 / 021 531 8549 or email charmain@omsports.co.za


Market day bookings

Mini-Market - is only open to Old Mutual Employees

Market day Agreement Form - Dec.pdf

Good day,

Kindly find attached the market day agreement form for December to be held on Friday, 19 December 2014.  This is the only form that will be accepted for consideration.  Bookings for December market will take place from Tuesday, 2 December at the Sports Club.  The cost is R50. The Old Mutual Staff Member and not the vendor must do the actual booking at the Sports Club. Both the Old Mutual Employee and the vendor (person at the stall on market day) must complete and sign the form before a booking will be considered.

We are only able to accommodate 50 stalls due to availability of space.  This will be on a first come, first served basis.

The employee is responsible to ensure that the vendor receives a copy of the rules.

The employee that signs the Agreement Form must be present at the stall on market day from 12:00 to 13:30. If the employee does not comply with this ruling they will not be able to make future bookings.

No food stalls will be allowed.

Please note that vendors may not enter the property before 10:00 a.m. on the day of the market.